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Improve Drive-Thru Efficiency

Our state-of-the-art Vehicle Detection System (VDS) is used at drive-thru windows to understand how long vehicles are at the window, gaps between vehicles, and the rate at which vehicles leave the restaurant.

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Motivate your team

Foster friendly competition

Improve customer experience

Use live metrics to find answers specific to your restaurant:

  • What days of the week are we performing well?

  • How are we doing on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

  • What areas should we focus on?

  • How many cars could have gone through the drive-thru?

  • What could happen if we decreased our average window time by one second?


Plans & Pricing

Monthly plan


billed monthly

Three month minimum

All plans include:

Lease of Vehicle Detection System hardware (two sensors and tablet)

Mobile app

Access to online data dashboard

Annual plan


billed yearly

One month free!


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